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Globus Europa HD

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-------PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION FIRST----- AND USE HEADPHONE WITH BASS AND MAYBE IF YOU WANT THE VOLUME AND ENJOY THE SHOW.............GREETINGS FROM ICELAND!!!!!The brutality of war is always disgusting, but I think that maybe its more centered around those fighting for survival or? defending the weak, not those who choose imperialism ala Napoleon, early Britain, Germany, and so on. Eventually all of those wars ended in a unified defense that brought down imperialistic intentions. To me that is what is glorified here, that is what is honorable, and heroic.This is not a video to insult other religions, race or countries.It is a video to remind us of our past. And to respect those who died for the sake of europe.We are all one. Humans.I have bin raping this song for a while and cos of my old videos i had to fix in so i wanted to make a beter music video for it and it took me 4 weeks to finish it complete using Sony Vegas and i dont care if some of the clips are not in europe I just got those clips from my friend but anyway this is one of my first edited music video or shall I say the second one and you guys really helped me for commenting or sending me a message that i should do a new one just beter cos you are good at this and thanks for subbing me also i really appreciate that and yea i was pretty proud of my old version but im prouder of this one xDI beg you no bad comments they will be removed and also no racist shit but anyway hope you enjoy..... LONG LIVE EUROPE OUR CULTURE, AND OUR GREAT ANCESTORS THAT FOUGHT FOR THIS OLD BEAUTIFUL WORLD OF CULTURE, ADVENTURES, AND MUSIC LET US PRAISE OUR OLD EUROPE WHILE IT STILL STANDS!!! HAIL SACRED CHRISTIAN EUROPE †I dont own any of these movies but they are all awsome anyway:Valkyrie: 0:14Legend of the Seeker:0:30some Waterloo clip:0:32Flags of our Fathers: 0:40Rambo:0:43Braveheart:0:44Enemy at the gates:0:47Galipolli:0:50Brest Fortress:0:53Napoleon(2002)0:59some ww2 footage:1:01Paschendale:1:04300:1:10King Arthur:1:28Defiance:1:35Kingdom of Heaven:1:38World in Conflict (game) 2:04The Pacific:2:11Battle:Los Angeles:2:14The Red Baron:2:16The Patriot:2:23Mission impossible:3:00The Lost Battalion:3:31So quiet on the western front:3:37Atom bomb footage:3:54thats all the movies now i hope you have read the description before you go asking me what movies where in the video....Globus Europa textFrom Agincourt to WaterlooPoitiers and then AnjouThe Roses War, the Hundred YearsThrough battlefields of blood and tearsFrom Bosworth Field to Pointe Du HocStalingrad and the siege of YorkThe bloody turf of GallipoliHad no effect on the killing spreeBannockburn to AusterlitzThe fall of France and the German BlitzThe cruelest of atrocitiesEuropa's blood is borne of theseHeaven help in all our battlesHeaven see love, heaven help usBolsheviks and feudal lordsChivalry to civil warsFascist rule and genocideNow we face the rising tideOf new crusades, religious warsInsurgents imported to our shoresTo western world, gripped in fearThe mother of all battles hereHeaven help in all our battlesHeaven see love, heaven help usAvant hier, avons etreDeja demain, (nous) sommes eclaireeAll glory, all honorVictory is upon usOur savior, fight evilSend armies to defend usEmpires built and nations burnedMass graves remain unturnedDecendants of the dispossessedReturn with bombs strapped to their chestsThere's hate for life and death in hateEmerging from a new caliphateThe victors of this war on fearWill rule for the next thousand yearsAll glory, all honorVictory is upon usOur savior, fight evilSend armies to defend usEuropa, EuropaFind better days before usIn kindness, in spiritLead us to a greater callingLeningrad, Berlin WallMarch on Rome, Bzyantium's FallLightning War, Dresden NightDrop a bomb, end this fightNEVER AGAIN!

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